Lakhimpur Medical College

Who are we

The name Lakhimpur is believed to be originated from the word Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. The district is mainly dependent upon agriculture and paddy. Paddy is regarded locally as Lakhimi. The word pur means full. Lakhimpur therefore means full of paddy or the place where paddies are grown abundantly. Besides, the soil of the district is alluvial and fertile for which crops flourish without use of any artificial manure or hard labour. Over and above fish, meat, vegetables, milk were abundant in this district. Others say that the word originated from Lakhsmi Devi, the mother of Bhuyan Raja who was the descendent of King Arimatta.

The first Medical School in Assam i.e. Berry White Medical School, was started at Dibrugarh in 1900. In 1947, the first Medical College of Assam was established on the existing structure of Berry White Medical School in Dibrugarh to produce MBBS Doctros. However, with the increase in demand for doctors, the second and third medical colleges were setup in Guwahati and Silchar in 1960 & 1968 respectively. Although these medical colleges have grown significantly, they were not able to meet the growing demand for qualified medical persons throughout the state, creating a big vacuum in the Health Care delivery system.

Lakhimpur Medical College is the 8th medical college of Assam, in the district of Lakhimpur, HQ - North Lakhimpur, Assam. Construction of Lakhimpur Medical College at North Lakhimpur have been approved by the Government of India under the central Sector Scheme “Establishment of New Medical College attached with existing District/Referral Hospital” vide Order No.HLB.254/2019/75 dated 30th May, 2020. Lakhimpur Medical College is affiliated to Srimanta Sankardeva University of Health Sciences.

District of Lakhimpur spreading over 2277 sq. km and accommodating a population of 10,42,137 (Census, 2011) was chosen as a site for Medical College for its strategic location in Northern part of Assam. This medical college will cater neighbouring districts of Majuli, Dhemaji, Biswanath and Sub-divisions of Gohpur, Dhakhuakhana and nearby places like Bihpuria, Narayanpur, Gogamukh including the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Before establishment of this medical college, Lakhimpur District was served by North Lakhimpur Civil Hospital since 1987. On 8th January, 2021 vide Govt. order no. HLB.176/2020/8, North Lakhimpur Civil Hosptial was almalgamated with Lakhimpur Medical College and Hospital.


To push the boundaries of innovation and discovery, renovate the present healthcare system, advance medical education, and create a pool of healthcare providers.


  • Be one of the best providers of medical education
  • Generate exceptional leaders in health sciences and allied sciences
  • Stimulate multidisciplinary scientific biomedical research
  • Deliver compassionate, patient-centric clinical care of the highest order possible


  • To efficiently stimulate creativity, innovation in teaching, learning and evaluation.
  • To inculcate communication skills and scientific temperament among faculty and students through research oriented activities and interaction.
  • To nurture professionalism and behavioral skills in medical professionals.
  • To incorporate medical ethics, moral values, team spirit, responsibilities and sense of integrity in medical faculty and students.
  • To adopt transparency and accountability in academic and administrative activities.
  • To develop, design and implement innovative and translational scientific discoveries.
  • To discover, understand and improve the health of populations, communities and societies.
  • To be an inclusive and diverse institute of excellence devoted to the community in particular and mankind in general.

Core Values

  • Mutual Respect and Collegiality
  • Leadership and Integrity
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Compassion and Empathy


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