Scrutiny Board Committee

The Committee for Scrutiny Board of Lakhimpur Medical College is hereby constituted with the following Members.

S. No. Name Designation Designation in the Committee
1 Dr. Debojit Chutia Professor, Deptt. Of Community Medicine Chairperson
2 Dr. Abdul Alim Ahmed Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Anatomy Member Secretary
3 Dr. Aditya Ghosh Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Physiology Member
4 Dr. Tridip Kutum Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Biochemistry Member
5 Dr. Arup Kakati Assistant Professor, Deptt. of ENT Member
6 Dr. Rahul Taye Gam Demonstrator, Deptt. Of Community Medicine Member
7 Dr. Naba Jyoti Bora Demonstrator, Deptt. Of Phramacology Member
8 Dr. Biswajit Pegu Registrar, Deptt. Of Surgery Member