Central Clinical Laboratory Committee

The Central Clinical Laboratory(CCL) Committee of Lakhimpur Medical College is hereby constituted with the following Members.

S. No. Name Designation Designation in the Committee
1 Dr. Rumi Deori Professor, Deptt. Of Biochemistry Chairperson
2 Dr. Reena Kouli Professor, Deptt. Of Pathology Co-Chairperson
3 Dr. Asha Bora Associate Professor, Deptt. Of Pathology Member Secretary
4 Dr. Bikash Kr. Singh Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Pathology Member
5 Dr. Partha Pratim Das Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Microbiology Member
6 Dr. Tridip Kutum Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Bichemistry Member
7 Dr. Nandini Lahkar Demonstrator, Deptt. Of Pathology Member
8 Dr. Miranda Khuttiya Demonstrator, Deptt. Of Microbiology Member