Sports Committee

The Sports Committee of Lakhimpur Medical College is hereby constituted with the following Members.

S. No. Name Designation Designation in Committee
1 Dr. Anshuman Dutta Professor, Deptt. of Orthopaedics Chairperson
2 Dr. Deb Kumar Baruah Associate Professor, Deptt. Of Radiology Co-Chairperson
3 Dr. Hiren Pegu Assistant Professor, PM&R Member Secretary
4 Dr. Nitumani Khaklari Professor, Deptt. of Pathology Member
5 Dr. Chinmoyee Deori Professor, Deptt. Of Pharmacology Member
6 Dr. Asha Bora Associate Professor, Deptt. Of Pathology Member
7 Dr. Arup Deori Associate Professor, Deptt. Of Ophthalmology Member
8 Dr. Rana Kakoty Assistant professor, Community Medicine Member
9 Dr. Migom Doley Assistant professor, Department of Community Medicine Member
10 Dr. Ishankur Saikia Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Surgery Member
11 Dr. Ajay Peter Topno Registrar, Deptt. of Medicine Member
12 Dr. Krishna Pegu Registrar, Deptt. Of ENT Member
13 Dr. Ponkhi Doley Demonstrator, Deptt. Of Pathology Member
14 Dr. Biswajit Pegu Registrar, Department of Surgery Member